DID under Pressure

In some ways, art imitates life so perfectly, there is little more that needs to be said.  I have always loved music, and how it communicates feelings and ideas I do not always have the ability to personally express.  Some songs provide a perfect resonance match for situations I don’t have words to explain.

This is one.

The splashy, polished ringleader is doing her best to keep the show on track, as all of the performers spiral out of control to get to the front of the stage and be seen.  Each fully-costumed individual is a character from the artists past creations, with its own desires, motivations and reason to want to be the star.

No amount of cane-pounding or nervous smiling can motivate this motley crew.  All of the many individual artistic creations come alive and demand their time in the spotlight.

What a perfect metaphor for a person attempting to reel in all of their fragments and make some sense of their life performance.  How terrifying, the idea of all of ones internal creations coming to life at the same time and trying to exert influence on the present moment.

How familliar the feeling of losing control, and being unable to intervene, as the stage fills up with the past, and the present begins to take on the sinking feeling of fear and dread.   How uneasy the wait to see what damage has been done, and in what direction to go to hide from the chaos of mismanaged pain.

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