Reverse engineering your mental illness

What are your triggers?How do they manifest?   Are you able to begin to desensitize y0ourself by merely considering the worst case scenareio.  then figure out what you would do to find the maximum beneficial solutions for yourself and others where balance is maintained, and  eqquilibriuj is only upset with good reason.


ability to consider scary ideas and imagine, feel and make projections of how you would respond.  these will assure you that you always have a plan if you are in trouble, and you are the one who can execute the start of the plan

what is the plan in an emergency for your breathingm, your phosycial health, your self care routine.

how can you take what you know, expand the ideas and begin to develop the paradoxical qualities of these fears, including strength, resiliency, creativity.

not everything has to hurt.  imagine scenarios in ways that are funny or interesting

keep showing up to your recovery and forgive yourself for any mnistakes you make

make note of your progress.  write daily if possible in the easiest way, so you can see when your thoughts and ideas are starting to chabge and make more sense.

give yourself a few goals that are achieveable, this will help build confidence and resiliency.  stick it out when the feelings come.  they are just messengers about your worries and all you have to do is allow them to present their ideas.

always remember that thinking about something doesnt’ make it so.  ideas are creative manifestations of our desire to constantly expand.  many ideas are bad ideas, but as your self understanding and acceptance increase, these ideas will begin to get more positive.  REmember to listen to all advice your intuitively feel about an experience, and then evaluate the source.  If it feels expansive, helpful, hopeful and encourages you to keep a tight lid on your ego, you’ve got a winner.  all other idea or feeling campaigns can be ignored unless there is a kernal of truth that deserves another look.

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