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Devils Advocate

I have a lot of strange thoughts, most of which I am happy to entertain. It’s a bit like boarding a train to wherever my mind feels like going. Sometimes the train derails and sometimes it takes me to an interesting destination. You never know what you’re going to get. Lately I’ve had a lot […]


The Haircut

I’m a gal who’s been keeping a secret.  I have been pretending to be someone I’m not.  I’ve been sporting a long, drab pile of hair that isn’t becoming for too long.  I’ve been pretending to be someone’s granny, piling it all up in a neat little twisty bun and keeping it away from the […]


Let’s talk about how i went off on Twitter.

I have been on twitter for years, but only use it sporatically until recently. I’ve been following some interesting people, and they have been saying some interesting things. I’m not sure why I’m so late to the party, but it seems like a place where people are having real time conversations about things that matter. […]


Emotional Math

energy doesnt lie.  it has a signature, a feel similar to a colour.  some energies are harmonious, some are not.  some are neutral. energy can be faked, but not effectively if you are attuned to your body.  bodies can’t lie unless they are being sedated in some way.   once you achieve an equilibrium your […]


Reverse engineering your mental illness

What are your triggers?How do they manifest?   Are you able to begin to desensitize y0ourself by merely considering the worst case scenareio.  then figure out what you would do to find the maximum beneficial solutions for yourself and others where balance is maintained, and  eqquilibriuj is only upset with good reason. desensitization ability to […]

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It is scary.

It is scary to press the publish button. It is scary to think about being truthful to myself, and doing myself the honour of trying my best to heal my heart. It’s uncomfortable, the degree to which I have adapted myself over a lifetime to serve the needs of others. It is heartbreaking to realize […]


What an integration experience might look like from the outside.

When I consider the process of integration, I must look at it from the perspective of each different structure. I am also aware of the process on a psychological and emotional level which seems to be the parent of the other structures, or its organizer. Each structure was created at a place and time to […]